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Our Bais Medrash

Yeshiva of Cleveland's primary goal is the development of Bnai Torah through limud haTorah b'iyun, limud hamussar, a long term meaningful rebbe-talmid relationship and an achrayus for Klal Yisrael. With success in developing Bnai Torah with wonderful middos, accustomed to the rigor of in-depth learning, our bochurim are set to succeed in a Torahdig life. The goals we set with our talmidim for learning, personal growth and ruchnius are lifelong, and allow them to become people who will be giving and loving husbands and fathers, with a strong commitment to limud haTorah, as well as a sense of achrayus to the klal.


In addition, opportunities for close association between the Bais Medrash and High School students occur in the Bais Medrash, during meals, in the dorm and during free time. The YOC Bais Medrash talmidim take their role as "big brothers" seriously. They recognize the important difference their relationship can make in the development of a younger boy and are prepared to do all they can to enrich the total experience of the high school talmidim.

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Bais Medrash Daily Schedule 

Shacharis - 7:50

Halacha Seder - 8:35-9:05

Breakfast - 9:05-9:35

Iyun Seder - 9:35-12:00

Shiur - 12:00-1:00

Lunch - 1:00-2:45

Mincha - 2:45

Mussar Seder - 3:00-3:30

Bekius Seder - 3:30-6:15

Dinner Break - 6:15-7:15

Night Seder- 7:15-10:00

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