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About Us

Yeshiva of Cleveland's philosophy is firmly rooted in a Mesorah which has produced successful Bnai Torah in America for over 80 years. Today there are numerous Chofetz Chaim Yeshivos with well over 1,000 talmidim. The foundation of our approach, geared toward the American teenager, is based on a rigorous analytical approach to Gemara study that creates a life-long connection to Torah. This, combined with a strong emphasis on Mussar, develops a keen and sensitive young man who is passionate about growth in Avodas Hashem.



The yeshiva opened its doors in 2017 under the leadership of Rabbi Dovid Davidowitz and Rabbi  Avrohom Yitzchok Fertig.  Over the past 5 years the yeshiva has guided its talmidim in their Middos, Mussar and True Torah Haskafos turning them into selfless, well rounded and responsible Bnai Torah. YOC boasts a thriving Mesivta for 9th through 12th grade as well as a 3 year Bais Medrash program.

All our talmidim will enjoy an outstanding Yeshiva program

Limudei Kodesh shiurim that are interactive, imparting within talmidim the tools and desire to reach ever-greater heights in havanas haTorah.


Superior General Studies courses that are challenging and stimulating, including Advanced Placement classes.


Warm down-to-earth rabbeim who bring excitement to shiurim, sedarim and the rest of the yeshiva day.


Shmuessin, shiurim and day-to-day interactions that will impart lifelong lessons in yiras Shomalyim, ahavas haTorah, middos tovos and Torah hashkafah.


A student body chosen for their motivation and ability to excel, in an environment that fosters positive and supportive friendships for the mesivta years and beyond.


Extra-curricular activities that complement the Yeshiva’s rich program and offer wholesome outlets for young Bnai Torah.

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